Alex Fink is a Los Angeles based musician, guitar repair tech and luthier.  Having played guitar from the age of 7, and coming from a long line of builders and tinkerers, making a way in guitar repair and luthiery became as much an inevitability as a passion.  L.A. native Fink spent his adolescent years frankensteining guitars together in his parent's garage, and as a Studio/jazz guitar major at USC, started a side business repairing student's and professor's instruments. After acquiring his degree, Fink kept up studying the art and craft of guitar repair and luthiery while working full time in the service industry, and sub-contracting for the Gibson/Baldwin showroom in Beverly Hills as their on-call tech.  Between his time spent studying every facet of guitar construction and working in high volume coffee shops, Fink has cultivated a customer service based and detail oriented approach to his work as a repair tech.  

Every interaction between him and his clients is without distraction, and aimed towards delivering service tailored towards each client's individual taste and playing style.  

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